Report a Bat

Bat Observation Report Form

If you find a sick or dead bat, or a bat flies into your house, do not handle it with bare hands! See Living with Bats for information on what to do and who to contact.

Bat distribution, seasonal activity patterns, and the timing of reproduction are all poorly documented throughout much of Alaska. Reporting your bat observations will help improve our understanding of these important aspects of bat ecology. All observations are useful, but we ask you to pay special attention to the following:

Observations of groups of 3 or more bats may indicate:

  • high quality foraging habitat
  • a nearby maternity roost (May-mid-July)
  • a nearby migration stopover or overwintering area (Aug-Sep)

Observations of juvenile bats:

  • will help determine the timing of reproduction in bats

Observations of bats in late fall (Oct-Nov), winter, and early spring (Mar-Apr):

  • will help us determine if bats are migrating or overwintering locally.