Videos on Trapping

Alaska's Fur Heritage

An overview of trapping in Alaska and Alaska’s trapping history from the earliest pre-territorial days through statehood up to the 1990s. Highlights the role of trapping and its importance in rural Alaska, uses of fur and fur crafts, furbearer management, and the role of ADF&G in trapping. Produced in 1995. 22 minutes. Hosted by Jay Hammond

Alaska Guide to Fur Handling

Experienced trappers offer lessons and tips on proper care of fur, the tools, tanning compounds, stretching and turning the hide, brushing the fur; also skinning and scraping; ends with nice assessment of hides and what makes quality work.

Alaska's Village Trappers

Alaska's Village Trappers offers a look at the subsistence lifestyle in rural Alaska, and Yup'ik and Athabaskan peoples. Three short chapters on Alaska's Village Trappers — Celebrating Mink, Alaska's Trapping Interior, and Spring Muskrat Camp. Produced in 1996 by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Division of Subsistence. About 28 minutes total.

Trapping Methods for Foxes, Coyotes and Wolves

Some basic natural history of canid furbearers is provided, as well as trapping techniques. Includes trap and snare selection, preparing traps, tools, preparing sets, tips and emphasis on important points. Narrated by Pete Buist, produced in 1986. About 24 minutes.