Prince of Wales Island Wildlife Viewing
Sarkar Lakes

photo of Sarkar Lakes area wildlife Watch for wildlife from land or a canoe at the Sarkar Lakes area. The Sarkar Rapids burst with sockeye salmon each July, attracting black bears and harbor seals. The bridge on FH 43 offers good views. In the spring and early summer, Sitka black-tailed deer and black bears feed on lakeside plants. Bald eagles are seen throughout the year. The Sarkar Lakes Canoe Route includes six lakes connected by short boardwalk portages. A developed boat launch and parking area provides easy access to the canoe route, and rental companies will deliver boats and gear upon request. Check with the Chamber of Commerce for details.


Lakeside plants emerge ahead of other plants in the spring, making them an important seasonal food source for bears and deer.


  • Black Bear
  • Eagles
  • Harbor Seal
  • Sitka black-tailed deer
  • Sockeye (Red) Salmon


Paddling a canoe tends to be quieter than hiking, which improves your chances of spotting wildlife at Sarkar Lakes.


  • Hiking Trails


The USDA Forest Service maintains a tent platform and cabin at the lakes for those interested in a multi-day adventure.

Plan to spend at least: Half - full day +

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The parking area and boat launch for the Sarkar Lakes is along FH 43 just north of Naukati.


Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce - (907) 755-2626 or USDA Forest Service, Thorne Bay Ranger District - (907) 828-3304 or

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