Prince of Wales Island Wildlife Viewing
Big Salt Lake

photo of Big Salt Lake area wildlife Look for trumpeter swans at Big Salt Lake between October and January. Most rest and feed here for a few days to a few weeks during migrations, though some swans overwinter at the lake. Winter storms on the Pacific Ocean sometimes drive buffleheads, Barrow’s goldeneyes and other sea ducks to the lake.


Swans are drawn to open lakes and waterways in Southeast Alaska in the fall and early winter to feed on underwater plants.


  • Bufflehead
  • Swans


Use the pullouts along the road for swan viewing, especially if you have binoculars or a spotting scope.


  • Wheelchair Accessible


Winter is a critical and dangerous time for trumpeter swans; use optics to observe the swans without distrubing them.

Plan to spend at least: 1 - 4 hours

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Big Salt Lake is on FH 9 about five miles north of Klawock.


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