Petersburg Wildlife Viewing
Leconte Bay

photo of Leconte Bay area wildlife Harbor seals congregate and pup in Leconte Bay. Look for dozens of isolated mother-pup pairs between late May to the middle of June. During these months, a few bald eagles opportunistically hunt the newborn pups. Watch for eagles circling overhead or perched on the ice. Near the end of July, mothers and pups separate and additional seals enter the bay. It is possible to see hundreds of seals dotting the icebergs during this time. Day boat tours and multi-day kayak trips enter Leconte Bay throughout the summer, providing a chance to look for wildlife and enjoy views of the Leconte Glacier, the southernmost active tidewater glacier in North America.


Harbor seals pup here because the ice deters their chief predator, the killer whale, from entering the bay.


  • Eagles
  • Harbor Seal


Boats cannot approach the seals too closely, especially during the pupping season. Make sure your boat tour has binoculars available, or bring your own optics for the best experience.


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  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Within Walking Distance


Ask about wheelchair accessibility when booking a tour, as not all boats are wheelchair accessible.

Plan to spend at least: 4 - 5 hours

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Most boat tours leave from the downtown harbor.


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