Ketchikan Wildlife Viewing
Misty Fjords National Monument

photo of Misty Fjords National Monument area wildlife The waters of Misty Fjords National Monument are a prime feeding area for humpback whales, Steller sea lions and harbor seals. Look for pigeon guillemots, marbled murrelets (very common) and surf scoters as well. Bald eagles nest in the trees along the shoreline. Mountain goats patrol the ridgelines, visible either through binoculars or from the window of a floatplane.


  • Black Bear
  • Brown Bear
  • Eagles
  • Harbor Seal
  • Humpback Whale
  • Marbled Murrelet
  • Mountain Goat
  • Pigeon Guillemot
  • Sitka black-tailed deer
  • Steller's Sea Lion
  • Surf Scoter


Scan the beaches for Sitka black-tailed deer and brown and black bears, which occasionally emerge from the forest to look for food on the beaches.


  • Fee
  • Interpretive Signs
  • Public Transportation
  • Restrooms
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Within Walking Distance


Guided kayak trips to Misty Fjords are available, and experienced kayakers looking for a personal, extended excursion can rent kayaks in town and be dropped off by a boat tour. USDA Forest Service cabins within Misty Fjords are also available for multi-day adventures.

Plan to spend at least: 2 hours - full day +

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Boat and plane tours venture into Misty Fjords throughout the summer. Most tours depart from downtown. Check with the Visitor's Bureau for information.


Ketchikan Visitor's Bureau - (800) 770-3300 or USDA Forest Service, Ketchikan-Misty Fjords Ranger District - (907) 225-2148

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