Fur Dealer Licenses

Definition of Fur Dealing AS 16.05.940(18). "Fur Dealing" means engaging in the business of buying, selling, or trading in animal skins, but does not include the sale of animal skins by a trapper or hunter who has legally taken the animal, or the purchase of animal skins by a person, other than a fur dealer, for the person's own use.

"Skin," "hide," and "pelt" are all the same thing and mean any untanned external covering of any game animal's body, but does not include a handcraft or other finished product; "skin," "hide," or "pelt" of a bear mean the entire external covering with claws attached: 5 AAC 92.990(38).

Generally speaking, anyone who purchases a skin, hide, pelt or fur (untanned external covering) for resale, or to produce some other article (such as a coat, hat, mittens, doll, toy, or other ornament or object of clothing) for sale, must have a fur dealing license. Anyone who sells a fur, skin, hide, or pelt that s/he did not personally take, or who acts as an agent for the hunter/trapper to do so, must have a fur dealing license. If a person purchases objects already made from furs or skins for resale (e.g. hats, coats, etc.), no fur dealing license is required.