Fish, Amphibian, & Aquatic Plants Permits
Propagation Permits

There are three classifications of propagative ARPs.

  1. Classroom Incubation: The Salmon in the Classroom is a program for teachers who wish to take, transport, possess, and hold live fish and their eggs (typically salmon; excludes goldfish and ornamental fish) for a classroom or school incubation project. A classroom incubation project usually requires a recirculating aquarium and is eligible for up to 500 eggs. Additional teaching materials for this program can be found on the Division of Sport Fish page.
  2. Vocational, technical and post-secondary school projects usually requires a larger incubation system and is eligible for up to 50,000 salmonid eggs or number necessary to meet project objectives for invertebrates or aquatic plants. This category has additional application requirements.
  3. Propagative research projects for accredited institutions of higher learning, or federal, state, local, tribal entities to collect, propagate, transport, and release aquatic organisms for propagative research. This research can involve fish, invertebrates, or aquatic plants.