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Thank you for supporting fish and wildlife conservation in Alaska!

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Purchase this year's conservation stamp to support fish and wildlife research, monitoring, and education programs in Alaska.

Wildlife Conservation Research

ADF&G biologists work to understand and conserve a broad array of Alaska's species and their habitats, from raptors to shorebirds and small mammals. Outreach specialists work to make educational resources and outdoor skills available to the public.

This year's stamp depicts a Bluethroat by artist Bryce W. Robinson. This elusive songbird is primarily found in Eurasia but small populations breed in tundra ecosystems of northern Alaska. Bluethroats are also proficient mimics, having the ability to copy over 50 different species and sounds.

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Alaska Department of Fish and Game Bat - Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG)

A banded bat in Southeast Alaska.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game Lesser Yellowlegs - Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG)

A Lesser Yellowlegs recently banded and fitted with a satellite tag for a migration study.