Tanana River Personal Use Salmon Fishery
Permits & Regulations

Tanana River Personal Use Salmon

This fishery is managed by emergency order, the fishery may not open or may close at any time, or the bag limits may be reduced at any time.  Always check with your local ADF&G office before going fishing.

Remember, bag and possession limits allowed under personal use MAY NOT be added to bag and possession limits under sport or subsistence fishing regulations.

A permit and sport fishing license are required to participate in this fishery. Permits and license may be obtained online at www.adfg.alaska.gov/store or from the Commercial Fisheries Division of the Fairbanks ADF&G office.

Fishing periods are from 6:00 PM Friday until 12:00 noon Sunday, and from 6:00 PM Monday through 12:00 noon Wednesday . The fishery is managed by emergency order under total harvest limits from the fishery, so the fishery can close at any time.

Annual possession limits per household are 10 King salmon and 75 chum salmon for periods through August 15th, and 75 chum and coho salmon combined for periods after August 15th.

Gear: Fish may be taken with set gillnets and fishwheels.  There are a number of restrictions on gillnet mesh, length, and users should always check gear restrictions before fishing.

Each personal use fisherman shall plainly and legibly inscribe the fisherman's first initial, last name, and home address on a keg or buoy attached to a gillnet.

Personal use salmon must be "marked"
By regulation, you must "mark" salmon harvested in a personal use fishery in which a permit is required by clipping both tips of the tail fin.  Scissors or shears are the best way to cut off the tips of the tail fin.

Gillnet mesh restrictions, fishing periods, bag limits, and open seasons may be stipulated on permits as needed for conservation reasons.