Habitat Permits


Maintaining sustainable fish and wildlife populations is extremely important to both Alaska residents and visitors. These natural resources play a key role in our economy and in traditional subsistence use, sport fishing and hunting, and wildlife viewing. The Habitat Section works to protect these resources and their surroundings as the population and economy of Alaska continue to expand.

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Responsible development can preserve and protect fish and wildlife habitat. Alaska's fish habitat protection statutes allow the Habitat Section to protect freshwater habitat for salmon and other anadromous fish and ensure free passage for all fish in rivers, lakes, and streams throughout the state. The Habitat Section is also responsible for developing management plans and overseeing activities in Alaska's legislatively designated Special Areas and works to ensure activities within our state's refuges, critical habitat areas, and sanctuaries are consistent with the purpose for which the Special Area was developed.

Many activities in Alaska's freshwater rivers, streams, and lakes and in our Special Areas require a permit from the Habitat Section. If you have questions about permitting requirements or development projects in your area, contact a Habitat Biologist in your local ADF&G Habitat Section office.

For more information on the Habitat Section mission, organization structure, and budget, please visit the Habitat Section Overview.

Emergency Permit Information

Emergency permits can be issued quickly if there is an immediate threat to people, property, or habitat. If you need to conduct your proposed project quickly because of an emergency, contact your local Habitat Section office to discuss your emergency and obtain any necessary authorization from ADF&G.