Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW)

The Becoming an Outdoors-Woman program is excited to offer more classes around the state in 2024! Please see the "Schedules and Registration" tab above for upcoming classes. Additional classes will be added throughout the year, so check back regularly!

The B.O.W. Program provides hands-on workshops and classes to teach participants outdoor skills, while building their confidence in their ability to get out and safely enjoy all the outdoors has to offer. B.O.W. helps participants grow and become more confident by offering classes in an encouraging, supportive, and non-competitive learning environment. B.O.W. classes are kept small, so participants receive plenty of one-on-one interaction with friendly, supportive instructors. No experience is necessary, and B.O.W. is for adults of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Alaska B.O.W. participants have ranged in age from 18 to 85. While B.O.W. classes target women, men are welcome to participate as well.


B.O.W. classes are topic-specific courses geared toward building on fundamental skills and may be conducted almost entirely in an outdoors setting. We recognize that becoming a confident, independent outdoors person is a process which is developed over time. B.O.W. classes provide participants with an opportunity to learn, practice and hone these basic skills in the real world, all while having supportive instructors to coach and encourage. B.O.W. classes vary in length — they may be half day, full day, or take place over several evenings.


B.O.W. workshop classes vary according to season but mainly focus on three areas: shooting/hunting, fishing/boating, and other outdoor skills and activities.

Workshops, which differ slightly from individual classes, typically span a weekend, and are divided into three to four different instructional sessions which average three hours in length. Participants choose from a variety of classes such as big game hunting, field dressing, spin and fly fishing, archery, kayaking, cross-country skiing, canoeing, canning and smoking fish, wild edible plants, survival, map and compass, tracking and trapping, and outdoor cooking. Classes are hands-on and often include time outdoors.

Evenings at overnight weekend workshops are filled with fun and camaraderie. Activities may include campfires, skill stations, or special guest presentations. Participants are encouraged to enjoy these social events and to make connections with like-minded individuals with whom they may be able to enjoy outdoor activities with after the workshop.

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B.O.W. offerings are made possible by a cooperative effort between the Alaska Department of Fish & Game and the Outdoor Heritage Foundation of Alaska.