Internship Program

Photos of interns

See the best of Alaska through a summer internship with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game! You will be part of a small team of professionals where you will develop the skills, knowledge, and experience to further your education and your career. Work hard, then hike, climb, kayak, fish and more under the Midnight Sun. Whatever it is that interests you, you will not be disappointed. When the internship is completed, you will showcase your experience to our senior executives, staff, and partners. You will return to your college campus with world-class skills, beaming with excitement, and ready to return to the Last Frontier.

An ADF&G internship is not "just a job,” and we won’t be sending you on coffee runs! It is a planned training program that enables you to learn the policies, procedures and techniques of ADF&G professions while performing meaningful tasks which are valuable and necessary to ADF&G programs.

The ADF&G Internship Program offers unique opportunities that will contribute to your academic and career development while also accomplishing some necessary work for ADF&G. The program also:

  • Provides practical experience and reaffirmation of your field of study
  • Offers a rewarding source of income and confidence
  • Exposes you to the types of employment opportunities available in your prospective careers in hopes that you will discover your employment interests
  • Provides an opportunity to become knowledgeable about state government

In addition to these great benefits ADF&G offers paid internships, allowing you to gain experience in your field, get academic credit, have fun, and still make a little money during the summer.

We offer many different levels of internships depending on where you are in your academic career. Combine that with one of our 5 divisions based on your interests and you have created an internship opportunity as unique as Alaska itself!

To view internship opportunities currently accepting applications, please visit Workplace Alaska and select "For Students."