Career Opportunities

You Can Make a Difference


Our people make all the difference in the management and continued sustainability of Alaska's fish and wildlife resources. ADF&G employees are a part of a large and diverse family of professionals who are respected around the world. ADF&G's status as an excellent fisheries and wildlife management agency is ensured year after year, because of our staff.


ADF&G strives for a diverse and inclusive workforce where safety and wellbeing are paramount and employees at all levels promote a culture where everyone is valued, treated equitably, and treated respectfully.


Our employees perform incredible jobs. ADF&G's work impacts lives on a daily basis. Whether it's Alaska Natives' subsistence culture, rural communities' winter food harvest, tourists' hunting and fishing experiences, or families worldwide savoring Alaskan seafood, our valuable employees make it all possible.


Alaska's constitution is unique. It contains an article specifically about the management and use of natural resources. Alaska's programs are built on the principles of conservative management, sound science, and habitat protection. ADF&G develops and carries out policies that promote sustainability. Our wild, healthy, and plentiful fish stocks are an example of the result of these policies., Alaska's fishery resources are the envy of all other seafood producers, and its fishery management is regarded as a model around the world.

Job Types

  • Permanent: A position in the classified service that is not time-limited.
  • Non permanent: An employee in a temporary work assignment of less than 120 days or a work assignment established for a specific program, project or assignment.
  • Seasonal: A permanent position established to meet recurring seasonal needs of less than 12 months duration during any calendar year. Please note that seasonal opportunities are frequent and essential in our summer business operations. In fact, our workforce doubles in the summer, so opportunities are readily available.
  • Internships


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