Invasive Species

How to Report an Invasive Species you saw in Alaska

You may be hiking along a local trail, casting in a favorite fishing hole, or strolling through the neighborhood when you come across a creature or plant that seems out of place or unusual in your area. If you do, it is important to report it.

Your vigilance could help us intercept and prevent the spread of an unwanted biological invader - an invasive species that shouldn't be here and which could cause serious harm to Alaska's native fish and wildlife species, and their habitats. Learn more about nonnative species and why your actions to report odd species are so important.

Please don't kill organisms believed to be invasive. It makes identifying them difficult and is unnecessary if the organism is native to the area where you saw it.

Reporting Options

  1. Note the location: capture GPS coordinates whenever possible, include landmarks such as street address, mile marker, or other descriptors to help us find the location.
  2. Take pictures of the organism from multiple angles to show physical characteristics. When possible, include a recognizable common item next to the organism to show scale. For example, place a pen knife, ballpoint pen, driver’s license or credit card, or a 12oz can in the photo.
  3. Avoid harming the organism while capturing photos or in an effort to report it.
  4. Send photos to
  5. Use one of the following options to submit your report: