General Season Hunts

General Season Hunts Overview

The general season harvest is the type of hunting most people are familiar with — the basic hunt where you buy a license, get tags or harvest tickets for big game, and follow the general season dates and bags limits. General season hunts are available to Alaska residents as well as non-residents.

When to Apply

You can apply for general season harvest tickets at any time during the year. Harvest tickets expire June 30 at the end of every regulatory year.

Required Items

To apply for a general season harvest ticket, you will need a hunting license valid for the time period you will be hunting.

How to Apply for General Season Hunts

The following options are available when applying for general season harvest tickets:

  • At license vendors.
  • Moose, caribou, black bear, deer and sheep general season harvest tickets may also be obtained online.

Online Harvest Reporting

File your harvest report online for selected hunts. If your hunt is eligible for online reporting, just follow the directions. You will receive a confirmation number immediately after your report is successfully submitted.

Additional Information

Be sure to visit the Alaska General Hunting Information section of the website for more information on guiding, permit requirements, and other information.