Special Area Regulations

“Special Areas” refer to ADF&G’s State Game Refuges, State Game Sanctuaries, and Critical Habitat Areas . These areas are designated by the Legislature when it passes a statute describing the legal boundaries of the area, the purpose of the area, and any other specific management considerations for that particular area. Each of the different types of special area has a different general purpose although all provide habitat protection.

The Habitat Division implements a statewide special areas permitting program to manage land and water use activities within a special area. By regulation, permits are required for many activities within a special area unless the commissioner has issued a general permit. Contact the Habitat Division with questions about legal activities in Special Areas.

The Division of Wildlife Conservation manages visitor facilities, sanctuary access, and other management operations.

Each of the Special Areas has individual statutes; many of the areas also have management plans that have been adopted into regulation to guide permitting.

Critical Habitat Areas
Purpose AS 16.20.500
Regulations (Board of Game) AS 16.20.510
Multiple land use AS 16.20.520
Submission of plans and specifications AS 16.20.530
Additional Critical Habitat Areas (proposals) AS 16.20.690
State Game Refuges
Legislative authority AS 16.20.010
Purpose AS 16.20.020
Multiple land use AS 16.20.050
Submission of plans and specifications AS 16.20.060
Relationship to other laws AS 16.20.070
Regulations (Board of Game) AS 16.20.075
Definitions AS 16.20.080
State Game Sanctuaries
Legislative findings and purpose AS 16.20.090
Special Area Permits
Implementation 5 AAC 95.400
Notice Requirements 5 AAC 95.410
Activities requiring a Special Area Permit 5 AAC 95.420
Conditioning, Approval or Denial of SAPs 5 AAC 95.430
Permit Procedures 5 AAC 95.700-770
General Provisions 5 AAC 95.900-990