Marine Protected Areas

The following is a summary of activities for the years 2001
and 2002 regarding Marine Protected Areas in Alaska.
The Marine Protected Area Task Force referenced below is now inactive.

Recommendations to the Board of Fisheries

Task force members:

Commercial Fisheries Division

Earl Krygier, Denby Lloyd,
Kristin Mabry, Tory O'Connell, Charlie Trowbridge,
Doug Woodby (chair)

Habitat and Restoration Division

Janet Hall Schempf

Sport Fish Division

Scott Meyer

Wildlife Conservation

Bob Small

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game issued a report on July 18, 2002 with a set of recommendations for a public process for establishing marine protected areas (MPAs) in Alaska. These recommendations were developed by a ten-member task force of Department of Fish and Game personnel as guidance for development of an MPA policy by the Alaska Board of Fisheries.

Received comments have since been compiled into the following publication:

Summary of Comments on "Marine Protect Areas in Alaska: Recommendations for a Public Process" (PDF 4.5 MB)

Comments were to the following original MPA Task Force Report, Marine Protected Areas in Alaska: Recommendations for a Public Process (PDF 2.51 MB).

Powerpoint Presentations by the Task Force:

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