Commissioner's Welcome

Welcome and thank you for visiting the ADF&G website,

Alaska's fish and game resources belong to Alaskans. We have built this site as a tool to help build dialogue and trust, with you, the citizens we serve.

I hope the information here will help you stay involved and continue the strong trapping, hunting and fishing tradition that has endured through the generations in Alaska. These are the things that make Alaska special.

In the next few years, the department will continue to put the needs of our citizens first by:

  • Making it a priority to put food-both fish and wildlife-on the plates of Alaskans. Food security is important to many of our citizens and we must ensure predictable and ample access to fish and wildlife. This includes active management to meet this end.
  • Protecting and maintaining our state rights and authority to manage our fish and game resources. These rights were hard fought during statehood.
  • Ensuring that the department is contributing to the Alaskan economy and the well-being of Alaskans.
  • Expand outreach/education efforts to ensure we have the next generation of hunters, fishers, trappers and professionals.

Alaskans have entrusted their resources to our care and we must maintain constant dialogue to ensure we are managing them in our citizen's best interests and well-being.

I hope you find the information here useful and you will reach out to our staff if you have questions or concerns.


Douglas Vincent-Lang

Douglas Vincent-Lang